Survey #141 : Random

There’s a knock at your door, you say “Come in” and your ex enters. What do you think would happen next?

idk i’ve never had a boyfriend lmao

Do you consider yourself to be an atheist?


How old is the last female you talked to?

my sister- she’s 18.

Who did you last say “I hate you” to? Why did you say it? Did you actually mean it?

i don’t remember, maybe my best friends…?

Are you currently nervous or anxious, for any reason at all?


Is there someone who can always make you smile, no matter what?


If you felt ready to have sex before your partner did, how long would you be prepared to wait for him/her, before you’d consider ending the relationship?

i honestly don’t know.

Think of the last person, of the opposite sex, that you had a conversation with. Are you attracted to this person?

it was my dad so…

Do you remember the first time you met the last person you texted?

yes- my best friend; my first day of high school

The last time you cried, who was there to comfort you?

i don’t really remember tbh

Could you tell me please, what color each of these things are?
~ Your hair: dark blonde
~ Your eyes: brown
~ Your shirt: pink
~ Your socks: white & purple
~ Your shoes: i’m not wearing shoes atm
~ Your underwear: pink
~ Your purse/wallet: purse- brown; wallet- blue
~ Your phone: white
~ Your computer/laptop: white
~ Your earphones: white
~ Your best friend’s hair: black
~ Your best friend’s eyes: brown

The last person that hurt you tells you that they’re sorry. You say ….

idk, apology accepted, maybe.

Have you ever told anyone that you wished you’d never met them? Did you mean it?


Think of the person you had feelings for this time last year, and then think of the person you have feelings for now. Are these two people in any way similar, or totally different? Or, is it the same person?

same person lmao

If you spot a spelling or grammar mistake in anything you read, does that bother you?

yes, a lot

Finally, name someone who has made you smile in the last 24 hours.

my cousin

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remember that time kate sang twinkle twinkle little star to dying children but the media reported about how she ran in wedges at the beach 

remember that time kate filmed her first ever video message bringing awareness to children’s hospice week but people focused on how uncomfortable they thought she looked

remember that time kate attended a forum that discussed many issues teenagers face today like self esteem, bullying, and domestic violence but the media went crazy about the wind blowing up her skirt for two seconds

remember that time kate was doing something genuinely important but everybody chose to focus on stupid shit